Add-on: Urlbar Search Fix now live on AMO


Awaiting a full review but available immediately.


Styling FXOpera and Speed Dial

UserStyles are not something I want to use in this project, but I am using them in mock-ups. Here you can see the work I have done so far on FXOpera and Speed Dial.

You can get style sheets here:

A Menu Like Opera

A Menu Like Opera

I hit some problems with Firefox’s two-pane appmenu, because popups from the first pane can obscure items in the second.

Currently I am working with this single pane menu, which is similar to the menu in Opera 18. Apart from being a long menu I think this is a good layout.

I want to have recent downloads show in a popup and use a splitmenu for that entry. I think this is more important now that all the surrounding entries are splitmenus.

Improved Firefox Search Behavior

Here you can see the autosearch function working nicely. If you type something in the searchbar then change the seach-engine, the seach is executed automatically.

Searches from the urlbar are also fixed. Normally if you search an alphanumeric string that is fewer than 16 characters from the Firefox urlbar, Firefox will pause before searching.

Both solutions are Javascript so it should be possible to convert them to a single Bootstrap extension.

Urlbar Search Fix (Jan 2014) – Maroon Project.
Search on Engine Change 1.3 (Jan 2015) – Malte Kraus (patched)

An Improved Firefox Application Menu


This video shows a simple menu layout for Firefox.

An important change is the inclusion of an Add-ons menupopup. The eliminates the main problem caused by the removal of the Tools-Menu.

I’ve also added ways to access the Bookmarks and History sidebars, and I’m playing with a Page menu like in Opera.

This was mocked-up using the Personalized Menu extension and the More Tools extension, along with some new code.